Brenda Smith

Hi! I’m Brenda.

It all started in 2nd grade. I first fell in love with writing when I was handed my own blank, mini hardcover book. The assignment? To create and illustrate my own story. Several crayon drawings and imagination fueled plot twists later, I was hooked.

My superpower is making tech-speak easy to understand by non-tech people. By day, I’m a Web Operations Analyst at Liberty Mutual Insurance. 

Other Superpowers Include:

  • Content Strategy: Putting words to work for businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Inbound Marketing: Digging deep into Ideal Customers, and how to reach them
  • Google Analytics: Using data to learn more about what’s really driving traffic to your site
  • WordPress Site Creation: Making the internet beautiful, and bringing websites into the 21st century


Things I Love

Wildlife & Landscape Photography
Learning Languages
Video Games